How to Download Among Us

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Among Us is one of the most unique and fun games launched in the last 5 years. This game features extremely fun gameplay that will allow you to enjoy hours of fun with family or people on the internet. In this article, we will explain what Among Us is, how to play it, and where you can download it.


What is Among Us?

Among Us is a social deduction game developed in 2018. This game was first released on Steam, but later on, it became a multi-platform game, allowing PC players to play with users playing on iOS or Android devices. This game became one of the most outstanding sensations on the internet in 2019 – 2020.

The gameplay in Among Us was inspired by games like Mafia and similar social deduction games. This game is set in different scenarios located on ships and space stations. The main objective varies depending on your role, players have to complete tasks, while others have to sabotage them to fulfill their tasks.

Among Us Gameplay

Among Us has amazing gameplay, that will keep you hooked for hours. To truly understand why it is so fun, you should first understand how to play it, by considering the role of both crew members and impostors.

Crew’s role

The majority of player in each match is a crew member. The main task of the crew is to complete different maintenance tasks on the ship, but there is a challenge, not everyone is who they say it is. Someone among them is an impostor, trying to kill them and sabotage them.

To complete tasks, each member has to solve different puzzles like mini-games, with each puzzle being relatively easy. Aside from completing tasks, crew members can win the game by unmasking the impostor. To do so, they have to talk to other crew members and convince them of who the impostor is.

When a crew member dies or someone sees someone suspicious, crew members can call for an emergency meeting. In the meeting, crew members talk about who was acting suspicious, and they can choose to keep on watching out for impostors or just throw someone out. Crew members should be careful since they can end up throwing out the wrong person and lose a vital crew member.

Impostor’s role

The main objective of impostors is to kill everyone in the crew. To do so, they have to act as if they were crew members completing fake tasks until they see the window to kill their prey. Impostors can travel through the ship by using the venting ducts. The impostors should beware, if they kill a crew member close to someone else, they will become suspicious and might convince others to throw them off the ship.

Impostors can also sabotage certain parts of the ship, turn off the lights, and use other things to their advantage. When impostors sabotage the ship, they can take advantage of that confusion to kill crew members and fulfill their evil tasks.

How can you play Among Us?

Among Us is a multi-platform game. This game is available to play on Windows by downloading it through Steam or you can play it on your mobile. To install Among Us on your smartphone, you can download it through the App Store on iOS devices or the Play Store on Android devices.