How to Download Android Auto is getting a full design makeover


Technology is rapidly making its way to every corner of the world, and cars have nowhere to hide from this new age. Android Auto is an app created by Google, to make a car’s dashboard display information and apps, just like a smartphone would, but specially designed for drivers.


Android Auto can pair with any android device, giving it the ability to mirror some of the apps on the smartphone, but on the dashboard. While this app is extremely practical, the last significant design modification was performed in 2019, and it hasn’t been changed ever since, however, this might change.

While Google hasn’t released any official information about modifying this app, users always have a way of knowing. Thanks to an Italian site featuring Android news, we now know everything that Google is planning for the new Android Auto.

What do we know?

The first and most important thing to know is that Android Auto is being renewed. This app was left without a decent update since 2019 when Google included the bottom dock of the app currently available, this means that after 2 – 3 years, we are finally getting a redo for the app.

This new version of the app will be including several design modifications to make it more intuitive, and easier to manage. Currently, one of the most annoying features of the app is the way that every app is displayed full-screen, making it difficult for drivers to watch the navigation map.

With the new version of the app, these problems are getting fixed, at the same time, Google is adding some new interesting features. The new version of the app is promising, and we drivers deserve this change in the app, to be able to drive better and enjoy using Android Auto safely and without complications.

How do we know about these modifications?

So, officially, there is no news regarding the release of this new version for Android Auto, however, we have our way of knowing. The android community is large, and full of knowledge, giving it the ability to find out certain things, especially for developers.

The first groundbreaker learning about these modifications was the Italian Android News website called Android World. The technology researchers and investigators of this site found out about a new version of the Android Auto, currently known as the Android Auto APK v7.3.

Finding this APK was possible through the XDA Developers site for developers of this operative system. The new version of the Android Auto app is currently hidden under the codename “Coolwalk”, but this was no barrier stopping researchers from finding out.

After finding out about this new version of the app, it was only a matter of tinkering with the app to learn about some of the best new features included. Here we bring you everything we know about all of these features.

What are some of the best new features included in this update?

Foremost, Android Auto is getting a new design style, which is the most important feature. On top of that, this app is also being added a Cast feature, and an interesting feature to make it easier to avoid answering calls when driving. Here are the features that you will enjoy with this new app:

New style for the menu

The new style features a hamburger-style menu, where you get to see the clock, use an app, and be able to have the navigation display in the middle. This way you can watch the weather, play your music, and do anything else that you want, all of it while watching the navigation map.

With a new interface style, Android Auto is becoming safer and more practical. On top of this makeover, Android Auto will get a few modifications to also make it more intuitive, meaning that new users will be able to understand easier how to use the app, not getting lost in the process.


The Cast function of the app, allows you to fully mirror your Android smartphone on the screen of your dashboard. By doing this, you can drive while checking out notifications on your phone, without having to check out your phone.

Easy reply for incoming calls

Answering calls, or better said, not being able to answer them, could be quite annoying in the past. With this new version of the app, you can now reply with an SMS to contacts, telling them that you are driving, without having to take out your phone. This works just like the “Answer with an SMS” feature on your phone, but on Android Auto.