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What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is an application for Android phones that serves as an alternative to the traditional Google Play Store. Through it, you can download apps of all kinds without any restrictions, regardless of whether you are looking for unofficial apps made by other users or free versions of the most popular applications for your device.

Unlike what happens with the Google Play Store, in Aptoide there is no single centralized store where you can find all the applications that exist. On the contrary, within this service each user has their own marketplace, in which they can share any type of software in APK format.

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Where to find the application?

Aptoide is normally used as an alternative to the official Android store, the Google Play Store. Due to this, it is not possible to find its APK file within it: you will have to download it from an unofficial source, although on Aptoide’s own page you will be able to find different versions that adapt exactly to what you are looking for.

If you have never installed an unofficial application on your Android device, you may have to grant permissions to your mobile for it to be able to do so. This process is very simple, and it will also allow you to add any other app that you download through Aptoide to your device, so by doing so you will turn your Android phone into a much more versatile tool.

Aptoide Compatible Devices

Although at first there was only one version of Aptoide, over time and due to the popularity of this alternative marketplace, new applications offered by the same company have emerged that seek to solve different problems. So, right now you can find the traditional Aptoide application, a version for Smart TVs called “Aptoide TV”, and a lighter application known as Aptoide Lite.

Recently, in addition, the company has launched two other services of this style: Aptoide VR (a store to download applications related to virtual reality), and Aptoide Kids, in which it is not allowed to upload adult content so that users children can navigate it safely.

Is there a PC version?

As with many other Android applications, as such there is no PC version of Aptoide. However, through its official website, it is possible to download the apk files of your favorite apps for your mobile phone directly from your computer.

Una vez que tengas el archivo que has elegido, tan solo tendrás que pasarlo a tu dispositivo móvil conectándolo a tu PC, y podrás empezar a disfrutar de tu nueva aplicación.