How to Download Binance Exchange

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Trading is one of the most rewarding activities in one of the most fruitful crypto trading markets, which is why it is extremely important to have a versatile trading app that you can use anywhere. While there are many regular trading apps, only the best ones deliver you some of the best features, trading options, have low trading fees and provide you with several other benefits.


Binance Exchange is one of the only trading apps delivering all of these features and even more. If you are looking to know more about this versatile trading app available for most mobile platforms, this article is for you. Here we will be reviewing the Binance Exchange app, its best features, and more.

What is Binance?

Binance Exchange is one of the most popular trading platforms available for users worldwide. While this platform saw its beginnings in 2005, it wasn’t between 2013 and 2018, when Binance started to shift to the crypto world, creating its token and blockchain.

Currently, Binance is a platform used by more than 21.5 million traders. This app offers many features to its users, including crypto exchanging, futures trading, leverage trading, options for earning with great yearly interests, and much more.

Features of Binance Exchange

Binance Exchange becoming one of the most popular trading apps and platforms worldwide is no stroke of luck. This platform became one of the best trading services, by delivering many benefits and features to its users.

Spot wallet

Binance provides users with one of the safest and most versatile crypto wallets. You can either use the Spot Wallet built into the main app or you can download the external Binance app, which allows you to link your Binance account with your external wallet. When using Binance’s spot wallet, you can trade some of the most popular crypto coins and transfer them through some of the most popular blockchains.

Extremely high security

To make every transaction extremely safe, Binance includes many layers of security and Two-Factor Authentications (2FA). With Binance, you can make your wallet safer by using Email verification, Phone verification, Google Authenticator, and even a Security Key.

More than 500 coins & tokens

Traders looking to make a profit will have a higher benefit by using a service with a higher amount of crypto coins & tokens, which is Binance is the best option. Currently, Binance lists around 500 crypto coins, for trading with stable coins, and also several trading pairs. On top of including so many tokens, Binance is constantly including many more tokens.

Extremely low trading fees & discounts

When looking to trade and make a profit, it is important to look for the lowest trading fees in the market. The fees charged by Binance for every maker/taker trade only cost 0.1% of the trading amount. What is more, Binance also includes even lower trading fees, for traders using BNB, Binance native’s token, with a cost of 0.075% charged in BNB for every trade.

Future trading

No respectable trading app is complete without future trading. When you are using the Binance app to trade, you will be able to trade in several futures listed on the site, featuring some of the best leverage going from 50x up to 125x, varying on the trade.

Use the most popular blockchains for trading

Binance allows its users to transfer tokens & coins by using some of the most popular blockchains or networks available. Currently, Binance allows for token transfers with some of the most popular blockchains, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, CELO, and many other popular networks. Binance even has its networks which are the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain.

Earn money with the liquidity farming & Binance Pool

Trading is not the only method for earning money by using Binance. Binance users can opt for earning money by using Liquidity Farming, the Binance Pool for mining tokens, and several other earning services available to users.

NFT trading

Binance is up to date with the latest technologies, which is why includes one of the largest NFT trading markets. Users can buy Gaming/IGO NFTs, buy NFTs at the Marketplace, and even buy NFT mystery boxes, being able to opt for excellent NFTs.

Use Binance in the most popular platforms

Binance is an entirely multi-platform service for trading with one of the safest crypto wallets. You can use Binance on your Mac OS or Windows desktop computer, by using your browser or downloading the app for your PC, or you can use this trading app on your mobile.

You can install Binance Exchange on your mobile, by downloading it from Google Play or on your iOS mobile, by downloading it from the Apple App Store. What is even better, if you are logged into your Binance account on your mobile, you can open your account in your browser by reading the website’s QR code from your phone.