DuckDuckGo is releasing a Tracking Prevention App for Android mobiles

We use our smartphones for our everyday tasks. We read the news, we tweet about how we feel, we talk to friends, and we make regular Google searches about the things we are interested in. All of these things we do, leave a data trace that is usually tracked by some of our apps.

Since our data is important, since it delivers detailed information about our daily tasks, our tastes, the places we go, the things we do, and much more, it is important to keep it private. To help us do that, DuckDuckGo has released a <em>Tracking Prevention App</em> for Android mobiles, to help you stop apps from spying on you.

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<h2>What is DuckDuckGo?</h2>
If you already know DuckDuckGo, that is quite cool, but if you don’t, you might be wondering “<em>Who are they and why would they help me keep my information private?</em>” This is quite simple to answer. DuckDuckGo is a company focusing on protecting the information of people, by using a search engine that avoids information leakage that results in completely personalized results.

You can use this search engine at any time, by entering <a href=””></a> and writing down your search. While this company has been specifically focused on providing privacy for internet searches, the company is now also focusing on protecting users directly on their phones.
<h2>How do apps truly track your data?</h2>
Before explaining how the DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection works, it is important to first understand how apps track your information. Even though you may think that when you use an app only the developer can track that information, this is not always the case.

Around 96% of the apps include third-party tracking codes that are developed by either Facebook, Google, or similar large companies. Whenever these companies get a bit of information, they can start creating a detailed profile about your tastes, the places you visit, the items you buy, and more.

After these large companies get information about you, they start selling it or using it to create their own “advertisement algorithms”, who start tracking you and advertising content regarding your profile. After doing this, you have to start buying what they want you to, and you only watch the content these companies want you to see.
<h2>How can the DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection be able to protect your data?</h2>
The protection system used by the DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection (ATP) is quite simple and effective. This app uses the Android Built-in VPN functionality, by doing this, the app filters all of the information coming in and going out of your phone.

When DuckDuckGo’s ATP is active, it will run in the background and will be aware of any third-party apps doing requests to share your information, blocking them at the same time. In case you need to, you can disable the ATP for certain apps if that is what you want.

By using DuckDuckGo’s ATP, you can see the record of how many apps tried to make requests to share your information and where this information was going. Most apps send information to Google, while some others do it to Facebook. By doing this, Google and Facebook can use their different apps to track each of your moves and start advertising content curated for you.
<h2>Why is there no DuckDuckGo’s ATP for iOS devices?</h2>
iOS device owners do not need to worry about having their information shared due to DuckDuckGo only releasing this app for Android devices. Recently, Apple released a functionality called App Tracking Transparency (ATT).

The ATT makes each app ask for permission before tracking the data used by other apps. If you simply say “no”, you will be stopping Facebook, Google, and other companies, from tracking and even selling your information to advertisers.

Since iOS devices now have the ATT, they do not need DuckDuckGo’s ATP. What’s more, DuckDuckGo stated that their app was going to work similarly to Apple’s ATT, with the main difference that the ATP is not integrated into the OS, but uses the VPN functionality. Because of this, the ATP can be slightly less effective, however, it will protect almost all of your information from being shared.
<h2>How can you download DuckDuckGo’s ATP?</h2>
If you want to start protecting your information from being shared, you can do it right now by installing DuckDuckGo’s ATP. To do this, you can either install the DuckDuckGo App on android, and activate the ATP protection, or you can follow the detailed in <a href=””></a>.