Google is focusing again on Android Tablets

If you ever thought it curious that Android tablets just disappeared and everything was about smartphones, this is no mere coincidence. A few years ago (almost a decade ago), tablets were the boom among Android users, many people read their news, played on their tablets, and much more. After the tablet Boom, Google stopped considering tablets as important and focused mainly on smartphones.

While Google forgot everything about tablets, Apple didn’t stop producing and optimizing their iPads, however, the technological giant is looking to take back some ground on the tablet territory. Recently, Google posted a new job offering for a Senior Engineer Manager, who specifically had experience working with Android tablets. This new hire will oversee all the new refinements for Android Tablets for Google.

Will there be a new Android Tablets Division at Google?

It looks like Google’s aim to focus on Tablets is entirely serious since the Senior Engineer Manager is not the only job offered for this department. It seems like the Android co-founder, Rich Miner, who left in 2010, just got his hands deep into this new project and will be running this new division for Google, since his LinkedIn got updated to CTO Android Tablets.

With Rich Miner leading this division, and several other jobs being offered, the future for Android tablets looks promising indeed. For Google to start covering ground in the tablet world, the company needs to focus on fully optimizing its OS for these types of devices, so, what is in store for Android and Tablets?

The latest Android update for Android tablets

Since 2017, when Android 8.1 (Oreo) was released, Google didn’t make any major updates towards optimizing the OS for tablets and similar devices. In the last few months of 2021, Google started working on its new Android version: Android 12L.

Android 12L is the latest version for Android, being released as the major mid-cycle update for this OS. This new Android version will be fully optimized for devices with large screens, foldable smartphones, and tablets. With this new Android release, the industry is ready to start creating some amazing brand-new tablet models.

What are the latest tablets that Google will be releasing?

Since Google will be releasing Android 12L which is optimized for tablets, one would think that Google would immediately release some amazing new tablets, but this is not the case. Google has not yet announced any new tablet releases, but this does not mean that there won’t be new great tablet models in the market.

Currently, Nokia and Lenovo are designing some surprisingly great tablets with cutting-edge technology and high-quality components. As you might expect, both of these tablets will be using Android 12L as their main OS, meaning that you will be enjoying a fully optimized OS for your new tablet, with hardware created by these companies.

 iPad Vs. Android Tablets

The contest between iPad and Android tablets has existed since 2011 when Google released its first tablet, the Motorola Xoom. This was one year too late, since Apple released its first iPad in the second quarter of 2010, one year before.

Since the Xoom, many other tablets were released on the market, featuring amazing new updates to their Android OS. One of the latest, but greatest tablets, was the Nexus 7, which comprised a size that made it small enough to fully use phone apps, and large enough to be considered a tablet. A few years later, Google released the 2015 Pixel C tablet, the latest one before backing away from the tablet world.

While Google backed away from the tablet world in 2019, Apple was still covering its ground, making the iPad even more popular. Nowadays, iPads are used for regular day-to-day applications, and even for some commercial purposes, making them the most popular tablet worldwide.

With iPads covering ground as the king of the tablet kingdom, will Google’s new release for Android be enough to take back some ground? Only time will tell. However, considering how efficient and practical Android versions for tablets have been in the past, one can expect some close fights with amazing new great features for us customers in the future.