Google will release Android Games for Windows

Google Play Games is the best app for leveling up as you play and accumulate achievements, making it a great incentive for gamers. This app includes built-in instant play games, progress saving, different profiles, and more.

Even though Google Play Games was only available for android devices, it seems that Google will be launching this app for Windows PC, on a limited beta version. The new beta version for this app will be available only at first in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Any player looking to belong to the Beta testers can do it by clicking on this link.

How can Windows PCs install Google Play Games

A few months ago, Microsoft started testing the possibility to install Android apps on the computer itself. This would mean a whole new step for multi-platform programming, and a wide range of possibilities opening up for Windows users loving Android apps.

After months of testing, tweaking, and heavy programming from Microsoft, the company creator of Windows finally released its statement. From February, all of the Windows users (That’s it, you read right, ALL of them and not only beta testers) will be able to install Android apps on their Windows 11 PC.

With this new and surprising update, installing Google Play Games for PC would be easy, but is not just that. While you can install an Android app on Windows, some apps are not fully optimized, however, Google announced that it is releasing a special version of Google Play Games for PC.

What will it mean to have Google Play Games on your Windows PC

Having Google Play Games installed on your Windows 11 PC opens a whole range of possibilities for online and offline gaming. While in the past you could only enjoy regular PC games on your Windows computer, with the inclusion of Google Play Games, you will now be able to play practically all of your Android games on your computer.

This means that the app will deliver some amazing new features for PC gamers using their computer to play Android games. By doing this, players will be able to play mobile games on a PC, by using the mouse and keyboard, making it easier and more enjoyable to play these games.

Features of Google Play Games for PC

Some of the unique features of having Google Play Games on PC means not losing achievement when switching between devices, acquiring Play Points, and more. Here are some of the best features that you will be able to enjoy while playing mobile games from your PC with Google Play Games.

Switch between devices without losing progress

One of the best features of having Google Play Games as a native Windows 11 app, is the ability to switch between different devices without losing your progress. This means that you can be playing on your phone, get home, start playing on your PC, go out and keep playing on your smartphone, all while saving the progress of your game with this app.

Download any mobile game on your PC

The best feature of this news is that PC gamers can now enjoy all of the amazing mobile games available for most Android devices but on their Windows 11 computers. By adding this compatibility, PC gamers will now be able to enjoy some of the most amazing stories, the most entertaining games, and all by using their computer, instead of their mobile.

Earn Play Points exclusive for PC gamers

One unique feature to PC gamers is that they will be able to enjoy gaining Play Points, which were exclusive to Android gamers in the past. You can redeem Play Points to acquire discounts and even free apps, or different benefits, enjoying the real profits of your gaming.

What technology will be used to run Android games on Windows 11 PCs?

One interesting feature to know about, especially for developers, is the type of technology required for android games to run on computers. Up to date, Android games were only able to be played on Android tablets and smartphones, by using this OS.

Since this news is fairly new, there is no information available yet to date, but do not worry, Google is taking care of providing you with information. Developers can access the Google Play Games Beta to learn about the technology and coding required to create their games.