How to Install Android 13 preview on your Google Pixel mobile

Even though Android 12 is barely out, and some users are still waiting for the update to get to their smartphones and tablets, Android 13 is around the corner. Google is still developing many updates and tweaks for the latest release of Android 12, however, users wanting to know more and more are already looking to what Android 13 has in store for them.

It’s true, the Android 13 latest version has not been released, but the first version of the app created for developers is already out, known as the Android 13 Developer Preview. Want to know more about this new version of Android? You are in luck, if you have a Pixel Compatible smartphone or tablet, you can install this preview version.

What version of Pixel do you need?

It is important to highlight that not every version of Pixel will be able to install the Android 13 Developer Preview. Google has dropped the Pixel 3, so you will only be able to install this OS preview if you have Pixel 4, Pixel 5, or even the latest Pixel 6.

Installing Android 13 Developer Preview on your Pixel 4 or superior version

The first thing you need to know about installing Android 13 Developer Preview on your phone, is that you will have to format it for the installation to be successful. This is only a preview version made for developers, which is why it is not the same as installing a review official released version of Android.

There is a high level of complexity to installing this preview, so we let you know that you have to follow each step exactly for the installation to be successful. To install the Android 13 Developer Preview, follow these steps:

Configure your phone to install an OS from an external source

  • Activate developer adjustment on your Pixel.
    • To do this, you need to go to
    • Then tap on Phone information.
    • Finally, tap 10 times over the Compilation number.
    • After doing this, the phone will prompt you to input the PIN code, and after doing it, it will tell you that the developer adjustments are active.
  • Active USB Debugging mode.
    • To do this, again go to
    • Tap on the System
    • Look for Developer options and then tap on USB debugging and activate it.
    • You will also have to activate the OEM Unlocking

Authorize the site to recognize your device

  • After doing both of these steps, plug your Pixel phone into your computer via USB.
  • Go to the Android Flash Tool website, and hit the Get Started
  • The phone will ask you to Authorize ADB build, you have to authorize this.
  • On the site, hit the Add New Device The phone will prompt you to authorize USB debugging, authorize it.
  • If these steps are completed successfully, the Android Flash Tool will show your phone model on the screen. Select it to continue on the process.

Install Android 13 Preview

  • After that, select your phone, just click on Install and confirm each request from the site or the phone at each step of the process.
  • Finally, just wait until the phone completes the installation, and that’s it. You have Android 13 Preview installed on your mobile.