How to use the 5 unknown most useful gestures of Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular and useful guidance maps. The app is integrated with most versions of Android, especially the Android Auto where it becomes extremely useful as a guiding system. While users all over the world can use Google Maps in a matter of seconds by opening the app, not everyone knows all of the secrets of the app.

In this article, we will teach you some of the 5 most useful gestures included in Google Maps, that most people don’t know about. These gestures will help you guide yourself easier, especially if you are driving and you can’t use the phone with both hands.

What are the gestures in Google Maps?

Gestures in Google Maps are actions that you can do on the screen, usually with one finger, and they make a particular action. These gestures can be different taps on the screen that zoom in on a map, zoom out, reduce the size, rotate the map, and several other things.

Learning how to do the 5 unknown gestures

In this section, we teach you about the 5 unknown gestures that you can do in Google Maps and will become extremely useful. Here they are:

1.      Zoom in the map with one finger (Ver. 1)

One interesting gesture featured in Google Maps is the zoom-in on the map with only one finger. Few users know this action, and they can highly benefit from using it while driving or even during a regular walk. To use the gesture, you only have to tap twice on the screen of your phone with the app open, while leaving the phone touching the screen at the second tap.

During the tap in which you hold the finger to the screen, you can slide it up or down. If you slide it up, you will zoom into the map, while if you slide it down you will zoom out.

2.      Increase the size of the map with one finger (Ver. 2)

Another interesting yet regularly unknown gesture is the double-tapping that allows you to increase the scale of the map. To do this, just double tap on the screen, and the scale will change. Google Maps supports several scales like:

  • 2,000 km / 1,000 miles
  • 1,000 km / 500 miles
  • 500 km / 250 miles

And so on, until reaching a scale of 5 m / 10 ft. Each time you double tap on your screen, you will reduce a scale.

3.      Reduce the size of the map

The third gesture used in Google Maps is the reduction of the scale, which is the opposite of the last gesture explained. To do this, just tap the screen with both fingers, but only once. Instead of increasing the scale like the double-tap gesture, this one will reduce it.

4.      Tilt the direction of the map

Whenever you use a 3D version of a map, there is an easy way to tilt the map to see it from an angle. To do this, just slide or swipe two fingers upwards, and this will change the inclination of the map.

5.      Rotate the map

Another very useful gesture is rotating the map, which can be extremely beneficial whenever you are going in a particular direction and you want to see the upper part of the map to what is in front of you. To do this, just hold two fingers on the screen and rotate them clockwise or counter-clockwise to get the right direction on your map.