The best Yoga apps for 2022

Yoga has been these past few years the best way for people to release stress. During a pandemic scenario, people needed a way to relax, keep calm, unwind, and even find themselves by doing something different and new, which is where yoga came in.

The number of people doing yoga, increased exponentially these past few years, which is why now we know that this ancient Indian practice is one of the best for everyone. Doing yoga means making mental, physical, and spiritual exercises, to focus while doing breathwork and different positions (asanas).

If you are looking to find yourself, relax, de-stress, or just practice something new, yoga is definitely for you. When looking to do yoga, you have to properly learn this practice as with any exercise, not to end up harming yourself or learning it the wrong way, which is why we recommend you download one of the best yoga apps for 2022.

Yoga | Down Dog

First and foremost, there’s Yoga | Down Dog. Named after one of the most popular and iconic yoga poses, Down Dog grew to become the most popular, efficient, and practical apps to learn and practice yoga.

Using Yoga | Down Dog is like having a private yoga class, with a personal yoga instructor teaching you every move at your desired pace. Yoga | Down Dog allows you to customize practically everything about your yoga class. With this app, you can set the desired time for the class, the type of class, the savasana time, your level, the pace, and even customize every aspect of the instructor’s voice.

While doing yoga with Yoga | Down Dog, you can customize the volume balance between the voice of the instructor, and the background music. With this app, you can also have detailed instructions about every asana (pose), allowing you to follow each movement the right way.

Yoga | Down Dog allows you to follow your yoga, meaning that you can know how much yoga you’ve practiced, you can set a weekly goal, and more. In this app, you can also check the history, and you can even repeat an old yoga class if you liked it.

Glo Yoga, Pilates, Meditation

You want to learn Yoga, strengthen your body through Pilates, or even meditate, Glo is the app for you. This app is an amazing way to learn yoga since you can either access curated pre-recorded content to learn the basics of yoga or watch an amazing yoga class.

What is better, with Glo, if you don’t want to watch a pre-recorded class, you can always join a live stream with other people from different countries and enjoy a great class. No matter what type of class you want, Glo is the app for you to learn and practice yoga in a dynamic environment with other people.

One amazing feature of Glo is its music. This app matches some of the best classes with curated music, allowing you to enjoy a whole experience when assisting a class. All of the teachers and instructors performing classes at Glo, have years of experience and will support you with everything you need (on live streams) and teach you to make asanas with the right moves.

With Glo, you can customize your content and fill a library with your favorite classes. You can use the search engine to look up yoga classes, create collections, and much more.

Bulldog Yoga

Many people looking to partake in a yoga class, are not looking for pre-recorded classes, instead, they want the real yoga experience in real-time, with an instructor, classmates, and more. If this is your case, Bulldog Yoga is for you.

Bulldog Yoga is an app that features live classes, featuring different instructors and various types of classes. Some yoga classes are to activate you, others will invigorate you, and so on. The app allows you to book a spot in your favorite class, displaying the time, instructor, and every detail about the class.

If you want to do yoga without having to worry about any detail, Bulldog Yoga is the perfect app. Here you can interact with the yoga instructor, ask if you are doing the right asana, ask for advice, or even make comments to other people in your class.