How to Download Clash Royale

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What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is one of the most successful mobile games in recent years. Despite the existence of numerous similar applications, and the vast catalog of real-time strategy games for iOS and Android, few have managed to achieve even a small part of the fame of this addictive mix of card games and massive online battles .


There are many reasons that can explain the popularity of Clash Royale. It is a simple game to understand and that allows you to start enjoying the first games without great difficulty, but it can become more and more complex as the player gains more experience.

In addition, elements such as its advanced matchmaking system (which ensures that each player will always be fighting against users of the same level), the addictive card collection system or the possibility of playing for free make Clash Royale remain king. within its category.

How to download it?

Starting to play Clash Royale is as simple as downloading the official application through the App Store or the Google Play Store, registering, and accessing our first online game. The game system is very easy to understand, even for those who are not familiar with these kinds of applications.

Thus, the objective of each game is to destroy the opponent’s towers, invoking all kinds of members of our particular army. In just three minutes, it is necessary to destroy the “king’s tower”, which is protected by two other smaller towers that must be eliminated beforehand.

Is Clash Royale free?

Although the Clash Royale game system may seem extremely simple, the truth is that the games can become as complex as we want. There are a large number of collectible cards available: some are obtained for free as we play, while for others it is necessary to pay.

But still, even those players who decide not to spend anything at all in the game, can still compete against their opponents efficiently. Thus, Clash Royale moves away from the typical “pay to win” in which it is necessary to use a credit card to achieve a victory. Here, all users have almost the same opportunities.

Clash Royale for PC

Because it is intended to be used on mobile platforms, Clash Royale does not have a PC version nor can it be played through a browser. However, practically all current mobile devices are compatible with the official application, so you will not have problems to enjoy all the games you want at any time and place.

Even so, as there is always a solution for everything, emulators solve this problem, allowing you to use this and other Android applications on your desktop computer or laptop.