How to Download Crypto trading is easier now with the best trading apps of 2022


The crypto world is extremely profitable to investors all around the world. This community holds thousands or even millions of users that daily are exchanging millions and billions of dollars on some of the most popular cryptos. Since the booming of Bitcoin, many other alt-coins have risen, making millionaire profits for investors all around the globe.


When investing in cryptos, it is important to have trading experience and only trade with what you can spare. By doing good technical analysis and predicting the tendency of particular cryptos, making the right investment to multiply your money, by doing your research. If you are looking to trade some of the best cryptos, it is important to know the best trading apps of 2022.

Best trading apps of 2022

2022 is brimming with opportunities, and knowing the best trading apps will help you trade with the lowest fees and higher profits. Here are some of the most popular apps to help you trade on this year filled with crypto trading opportunities:


Coinbase is one of the best, and most secure trading apps available worldwide. While the regular app offers excellent products and features, this app also includes the option to opt for the Coinbase Pro, a service providing many other features, indicators, chart customization options, and more.

One of the best features of Coinbase is that the app allows users to trade more than 50 available altcoins. All of these coins are available to be exchanged using USDT or several other stablecoins, or they can also be paired with coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several others.

Coinbase also features a wallet unique to each user. This app allows you to transfer the different altcoins and cryptos through different blockchains, including popular networks like Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Polygon, and many other networks.

From the many different features, one of the best advantages of Coinbase is the low transaction fees. Users will only have to pay 0 – 0.5% when making orders, and 0.04% – 0.50% when taking an order.


Binance is one of the best services for crypto traders all over the world. This app is extremely popular, since it offers many services, like spot trading (regular crypto trading), futures trading, crypto trading with leverage, and many other types of services that will profit you.

Among the best features of Binance, one of the best ones is that it currently supports trading for over 500 coins. Many coins can be traded by using USDT as the base coin, but there are other options available including different stablecoins like BUSD, USDC. Binance users can also trade cryptos by using regular coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even BNB, Binance’s native token.

Binance currently offers fees of 0.1% for each trading (maker/taker), in case you use a regular stablecoin or altcoins for the fee. If you allow the use of BNB as the main token to pay for your trading fees, you will get a 25% discount, meaning that each trade will only cost you 0.075%.


Robinhood is one of the most popular trading apps in the U.S., but it is also available in many other countries. Users can trade regular cryptos and altcoins by using Robinhood, but they can also trade stocks on many popular companies worldwide.

Currently, you can trade 7 crypto coins in Robinhood, including Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and many others. The most popular trading options in Robinhood, are stocks since this app includes over 5,000 different stocks from U.S. equities and even ETFs.

The main reason that users all over the world choose Robinhood as their main trading app, is because of the trading fees. Currently, Robinhood is an entirely commission-free app for trading, meaning that for each maker and taker trade, you have to pay 0% fees.


Uphold is among the best trading apps and wallets. You can fund your Uphold wallet with more than 26 fiats, and you will be able to use that money to exchange it onto any other crypto token, utility, stablecoin, and others. Currently, Uphold allows users to trade among 76 crypto coins, 6 stablecoins, and 4 metals.

When trading commodities and crypto tokens in Uphold, users will have to pay around 1.0% fees by trade, but this spread fee might vary between different coins. Just like any other wallet, Uphold allow users to send cryptos by using the most popular blockchains, including XRP, Bitcoin, and the Etherum network.

One of the best features of Uphold coming in the close future is the Uphold debit card. Later on 2022, users will be able to pay their expenses by using POS and pay using different cryptos, fiats, and stablecoins.