How to Download Facebook Lite

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What is Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite is presented as a fully functional alternative to the traditional Facebook application for any low-performance mobile. Despite the fact that Facebook is one of the most used services in the world, the truth is that the original app takes up a lot of space and can make the use of our device much slower.


For this reason, the social network decided to launch a lighter and less resource-consuming version of its mobile application: Facebook Lite. Despite having fewer functions than the original, it can be used for most of the activities we carry out on this social network in our day to day in much less space.

Why use Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite is an application designed to be used either on devices with very little processing capacity and that cannot use the original app, or with particularly slow connections (for example, with 2G or GPRS). Due to this, its design is very minimalist, which presents a whole series of particular advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, on a visual level Facebook Lite is much simpler than the full application. This can help users not to become overloaded due to information overload; but it will also make navigation more cumbersome and less intuitive. Also, items such as images or videos are too small to be viewed comfortably.

Where to download it?

If your phone or your connection is not ready to use the official Facebook application, the Lite version of it can be very helpful. Taking up less than 1 MB of space, you will hardly notice that you have it installed, and you will be able to use most of the classic functions of this social network even on the oldest devices. Downloading it is as simple as going to the official store and downloading it for free. If you want to get the app in APK version, you can also do it, in case you cannot access the app through the official store.

Is it feasible to use Facebook Lite on PC?

Facebook Lite is exclusively designed to be used on less powerful mobile phones. Because of this, there is no similar service for laptops or desktops. However, these machines do not usually cause problems when using the web version of the social network, through which we can enjoy all the options offered by this application. However, if despite what we have just told you, you want to continue enjoying Facebook Lite on your computer, the way to do it is by using an Android emulator, in this way, you will be able to enjoy any Android application on your PC.