How to Download Facebook

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What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, being a platform where you can share countless content (photos, videos, status, reactions, recommendations, pages) with your known friends, in general, with the contacts of your profile.


The application has different functions and among them is the possibility of sharing what you think, through a short text, you can also use images or photos, even share videos from other platforms directly there. There is the possibility, also to see comments and thoughts of your friends, of the things that you have shared.

On the other hand, within the application, you can view content from other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, in fact, you can link your accounts, to be able to share them in each of them, whenever you like. Even within the same application, you have the option to create groups or pages, to publicize content on a specific topic.

Facebook features that deserve mention

It would be impossible to list in a single post all the functions that this giant social network has, the mother of many other applications that we can find within it, but what we can do is describe some of the most interesting, although they are not always the best known.

This application has options for developers, in which applications can be created within the same platform, including surveys, activities, events and games. Also, you can do business through the application, since it gives you the possibility of promoting your local business or your virtual business in your area.

The use of the app is not only limited to being a social network, but it also gives you more options and functions, such as making live broadcasts, in case you want to communicate with a specific group of people or want to share an event in which you are present, be it entertainment or your work.

Additionally, it has a chat (Facebook Messenger), with which you can communicate directly and in a more private way with your friends, having the possibility of calling, sending voice notes or making a video call, in case you want to see the another person by video. In addition, you can share images, files in the chat and also send emoticons or gifs, to make your conversation more fun.

Facebook on your cell phone

If you want to have the app quickly and easily, without having to search for it in the Play Store of your Android phone, you can do it, so you will have to get the APK of the application, with this file, you can quickly and directly install the application on your mobile device, without any complications. Although we always recommend installing the applications from the official site, or where appropriate, from the Play Store or App Store.

Facebook on desktop computers

To use the application on your computer, you will not have to download any program or file, because this social network exists as a web page and to use it, you just have to have an active account and then, just go to the Facebook web address , so you can enjoy everything that this platform offers you in its version for PC or MAC.