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What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a very popular game, both for mobile devices, as well as for consoles and computers. The application has had a great boom since its launch, attracting many players on all their devices. Fortnite was released first for the computer, then for consoles, and later for smartphones.

This game has its application for mobile devices, where you can play as if you were using a console or a computer. Well, even if it is a mobile application, it has the same graphics and way of playing as in its version for other devices.

The game is Battle Royale type and was developed by Epic Games. It is a cooperative game, that is, you can play with other players, in real time and from anywhere in the world. Therefore, in order to play it, you will need a stable Internet connection, in order to enjoy the game with complete peace of mind.

How do you play?

The application has several game modes, one in which you will need something called a Battle Pass and a normal game mode, with which you will participate with up to 100 people at the same time. The game map is very large, therefore, you will have a large space to be able to travel all the territory you want with your character.

This game is about a battle, so each player is an enemy, however, you can make groups of allies of at least two people, therefore, you will have to kill the other 98 players to obtain victory.

Additionally, as a bonus of the game, it has the possibility of building buildings to defend yourself from enemy players, however, you must collect the materials to be able to build them, which are scattered throughout the map. On the other hand, you will always start without weapons, you will have to collect them in chests or from other players to be able to shoot. The tool for building and collecting materials, the pickaxe, will always be the default. Fortnite also has a series of dances which you can use after having defeated your enemy in the form of a taunt.

Can it be played with Android devices?

In case you have looked for the app in the Android Play Store and you have not found the Fortnite application, do not worry, because you also have the possibility of installing it directly on your mobile phone, through an executable program, which is Known as APK, in this way you can enjoy some games from your mobile phone, although if you want to get the full potential of Fortnite, we do not recommend this option, it is always much more advisable to play from a PC or a console.

How to download Fortnite for PC

You can play Fortnite from your computer, for this, you have to download its PC version, from the Windows store or the Epic Games PC application (Epic Launcher), we recommend this last option. You just have to download all the files and wait for the game to install, then you can enjoy it just like you do from your cell phone. On our download page you will find the official links.