How to Download Messenger

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What is Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s instant messaging app. If you are remotely familiar with the world of the Internet, it is almost impossible that you have not heard of Facebook, the largest social network in the world.


In recent years, Facebook has gone from being a service used mainly from the PC to being a social network that is accessed mainly from the mobile. However, in order to get the most out of this website from your Android or iOS device, it is necessary to download not only the official application, but also the one that allows you to use its messaging service from your smartphone. We are talking, of course, about Facebook Messenger.

How to download it?

Just a few years ago, Facebook decided to create an application for mobile devices that it became necessary to download if you wanted to use its messaging service. Formerly, the social network used a private message system similar to that used by other platforms such as Instagram; but since the arrival of Messenger, your bet is similar to that of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

After downloading the official application from the App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on the type of smartphone you have, you will only have to connect it to your Facebook account to start sending messages to your contacts. The user experience is very similar to that of other instant messaging services: you can write to your friends, send them photos and videos, create groups and any other function that comes to mind.

Is Messenger a free application?

Using the official Messenger application is completely free, and it has many advantages over its main competitors. On the one hand, today Facebook is the most used social network worldwide, so if you meet people from other countries, it is more than likely that you can keep in touch with them through this service, something that does not happen. for example with WhatsApp.

In addition to this, to start using Messenger you will not need to synchronize your phone number with the account: you will only have to enter your Facebook username and you will be able to start talking with your contacts. On the other hand, this implies that your conversations will always be available, no matter what device you connect from.

Messenger for PC

Although there is no official Messenger application for PC, the conversations you have from your mobile will remain registered in your Facebook account. Therefore, you will simply have to access your account on this social network with your computer to be able to resume communication with your contacts from the point where you left off. Currently, Messenger is the third most used chat platform on the Internet, after WhatsApp and Telegram.