How to Download Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a communications platform which has grown the most, compared to others platforms in recent months. It is based on Microsoft 365 Chat, and it has great potential In companies meetings and study groups.


All of this is because of the great versatility and confidence provide by working from the cloud of this leading networking corporation such as Microsotf is.

Download Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams put in the same workspace several concepts, communication, both in chat and video. The use of various applications, bringing together different office tools, make it easier the way of working groups, saving space on physical equipment. Also, this system saves time, which we know is one of the most valuable things nowadays.

In this application we can find two different uses. First, we have the professional use, you find the possibilities to have meetings of until 10.000 participants, use of screen sharing, event scheduling, creation and storage of sharing content, interactive whiteboard, event recording and use of several applications, all in one simple and clean environment. On the second hand, we have the personal use, which for obvious reasons, is more limited than the professional use, but is extremely attractive in the area of group calls.

Devices supported by Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is developed to support the most devices and systems on the market, how could it be any other way, we find Microsoft teams to Windows, Mac (macOS), Iphone (iOS) and Android. Also, we can find a web version on the internet too.

Is Microsoft Teams free?

Like almost all applications about digital group videoconferencing, Microsoft Teams has a free version. This version allows the options like: untill 300 users, 5GB of storage or 10 APPs integrations, and other things. Only need to create a Microsoft account to use this service. You can access Microsoft Teams file links through this page, we will send you only the official page and/or segure pages. Microsoft Team for Business price: basic package cost 4,20€ each user per month and the Standard Enterprise service is €10.50 per month per user.


Microsoft Teams is a potential tool for group video calls, where you can take advantage of it, especially in the professional area. Personally, it is one of the tools that I like for enterprise, always you will find some fault or possible improvements, but today, Microsoft Teams for enterprise is the most complete.