How to Download Netflix

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​one of the most famous applications to watch series and movies, on different devices. In this application, you have a large amount of content available to view, from the most popular movies of a few years ago, as well as those recently released.


Even using this application, you can enjoy exclusive content from the platform, such as some original productions of the company, as well as some series that you can only watch through the Netflix app.

In addition, it offers you different functions when it comes to viewing the content you like, such as the option to resume a video, that is, if you have not finished watching a movie previously, the app will tell you that you can continue watching it from where you left off. . It has another function to advance the introduction of a chapter of a series, which is also very interesting.

Download Netflix

It has an agile search engine and a wide variety of genres of both series and movies, among which you can enjoy with friends, your partner, and even children’s content for the little ones.

Features you’ll find on Netflix

Another of the excellent features of this application is the ability to view your content on multiple screens. If you want to watch your movies or series, on a computer, you can do it, even if you have a television, you can also connect your account and watch the same thing you are watching on your mobile phone.

On the other hand, you will not have to worry about quality, because the platform will reproduce your movies and series, in the highest possible quality, so that you do not miss a single detail of what you want to see. Also, you will see that when you go to view the chapter of a series or a movie that is not in your language, you will be able to choose the language you want, whether the original or the dubbed version and the subtitles in the language you prefer.

To search for your favorite movies, you just have to choose the genre and the platform will show you a brief description and the cover of the movies available at that time, you can even see a short preview of it.

Netflix on your smartphone?

Not only by entering the Android Play Store, you can get the Netflix application, in fact, you have the possibility of getting the APK and installing it on your mobile device. The method is very simple and does not have any complications, so you can install the app directly to start enjoying your favorite movies and series. As in the previous applications, you have the link to the apk in the “Netflix downloads” area.

How to enjoy Netflix from your computer

There is not really an executable file to install the application on your PC or MAC, since the platform exists as a web page. So, if you want to enjoy Netflix, on your computer, you just have to go to the platform’s web address and enter your account information to be able to use it.