How to Download OneNote

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Be it that you are taking a class, keeping mental notes on your thoughts, or organizing yourself, taking notes in an organized manner is extremely important. If you need note-taking that allows you to write down information, make drawings, clip screenshots, make audio commentaries, and more, OneNote is the right app for you.


What is OneNote?

OneNote is one of the best and most efficient note-taking apps. This app was initially released on November 19, 2003. Currently, OneNote is included as part of the Microsoft Office suite programs, however, users can download and install this app for free as a standalone app for computers and mobile devices.

This app can be used by one user looking to write down information and take notes on any type of information, properly organizing the content and classifying it. When taking a note with OneNote, you can use this app to write down information like with any text editor, but you can also paste pictures, screenshots, record voice notes, make drawings, and more.

Using OneNote is extremely efficient to write down any type of content and organizing it. This app allows you to create notebooks, create different sections under each book, and create new pages or notes under each category.

What are the best features of OneNote?

OneNote has become widely popular since it includes many features, options, and tools that make it amazing for most users. Here are some of the best features included in the OneNote app.

Organize notes and pages under different books and sections

Something that makes OneNote an excellent organizing tool for notes, is the way this app classifies all of your notes in books and each book into different sections. This app allows you to create as many sections per book as you want, and as many books as you wish.

Access Quick Notes

While some notes need to be fully organized, some notes might be convenient to always have at hand, especially if these include important information you need regularly. To help you do this, OneNote includes the Quick Notes section, which is where you can create new pages or notes that require rapid access, making them easy to find at any time.

Create bullet, checkbox, and numbered lists

When creating notes for classes or any other reason, OneNote allows you to create lists. You can use bullet lists, numbered lists, and you can also add lists or information with checkboxes, making it excellent for “to-do lists”.

Modify the content like with any other text editor

One of the best features when taking a note with OneNote is the ability to create and modify content as you go. This app allows you to write information like you would with any other text editor, using a text box to write the content anywhere you want on the white page of the note. You can also modify the size of the text and several other options of the format.

Add pictures

While taking notes, it is important to be able to add different multimedia content, making OneNote a quite versatile app. When creating a page or note, you can add pictures that you find on the internet, upload one taken with your camera, or even add screenshots of your phone.

Record audio notes

Aside from being able to write content and add images, OneNote allows you to record voice notes. By doing this, you can record audio from a conversation, a description relevant to the content, or some other audio content.

Clip important files

Some types of notes, require you to add PDF files or another type of content. If you are not adding a voice note or an image, you can also add several types of files when creating a note on OneNote.

Collaborate with friends, classmates, and coworkers

Among the best features of OneNote, one of the best ones is being able to collaborate on Notebooks with other people. This means that you will be sharing a whole Notebook, allowing the other users to read, write, and edit any page, making it an excellent tool for collaborating with other users.

Where can you download & install OneNote?

Installing OneNote is extremely easy, best of all, is that this is a multi-platform app available on practically any device. You can use OneNote by installing Microsoft Office, you can use the web version of the app, or you can install this app on your computer for Mac OS or Windows operative systems.

OneNote also allows you to install the app on your mobile. To do this, you can look for the app and install it, by accessing Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.