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Listening to music is one of the best ways for people to enjoy a walk, pass the time, or just enjoy some tunes. While many don’t mind the app they are using for their music, the real audio connoisseurs know that Android’s native music player is not the best audio option out there. If you are looking for a real good, versatile, and powerful player, we recommend you Poweramp.

What is Poweramp?

Poweramp is one of the best and more powerful music players available for Android devices. This app was designed by the developer group Max MP, created as a way for users to have a music app that would allow them to truly enjoy music at its best.

This app includes the basics, featuring a friendly user interface, and aesthetic design, but it also includes many other features. Poweramp allows you to customize the way you organize your music, includes a great audio engine supporting many formats, and more.

What are the best features of Poweramp?

Poweramp is an extremely powerful app that will allow you to enjoy the best out of your music. These are the best features of the app:

One of the best audio engines

One of the best things about Poweramp is its audio engine. This app supports some of the best and most popular audio formats, alongside some that are not as popular. With this app, you can play WMA, MP3, MP4, M4A, and many other popular formats. You can check the whole list on Poweramp’s official website.

Optimized graphical equalizer

If you are an audiophile, you know that having an equalizer helps you boost your device to get the best audio out of your music. With Poweramp, you can enjoy a powerful optimized graphical equalizer featuring 10 bands.

Bass & Treble booster

With Poweramp, you can adjust the level of bass and treble on your songs. By including this, you can get more juice out of those songs with great beats and beautiful treble sounds.

Beautifully designed user interface

Something that cannot be missing from a great musical app is a great user interface. Poweramp features an easy-to-use interface, which is also extremely aesthetic, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful visual design at the same time that you can easily access everything you need on the app.

Organize your music in libraries and folders

Poweramp allows you to organize your music by using libraries and folders. This way you can play songs directly from the album, artist, or in a particular category. There are many options to help you organize your music and keep it tight.

Supports Android Auto, Google Assistant, and more

One of the best features of Poweramp is supporting Android Auto, which will allow you to listen to your favorite tunes on your car. This app is also compatible with Google Assistant and includes many other compatibility features, to help you integrate the app with your favorite devices.

How can you listen to music on your mobile with Poweramp?

There are two versions of Poweramp available for Android, the trial version and the unlocked version. You can download the full & unlocked version of Poweramp, directly enjoying the best features of the app, or try the app and then decide if it is the right music player for you.