How to Download ProtonVPN

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Using a VPN is the best way to hide your online activity and protect yourself while surfing the web, hiding your trace from trackers, malware, and more. If you want to navigate on the internet with an entirely secure connection, we strongly recommend using some of the best available VPNs.


While there are many excellent VPN programs for desktop computers, this is not always the case for mobiles, however, there are still great options like ProtonVPN. If you are looking to know more about this excellent VPN for iOS and Android devices, this article is for you.

What is ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is one of the best, fastest, and most secure VPNs available for smart devices. This powerful VPN created by CERN scientists features a paid version with amazing available features and a free version that includes some restrictions.

The free version of ProtonVPN surpasses every other free available VPN online. Many regular VPNs for mobiles have attached restrictions, with the most common one being a limited amount of data that you can use while using the VPN. With the free version of ProtonVPN, this is not the case. This free version reduces the max speed and the available countries, but you will be able to use unlimited data for the whole month.

Best features of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN includes many amazing features, some of them for the free and the paid version, while some others are only available for the paid version. These are the best features of ProtonVPN:

Quick Connect

While ProtonVPN is entirely customizable, you can set up several Quick Connection profiles. This means that to rapidly use your VPN, you can just open the app and hit the Quick Connect button, allowing you to access one of your favorite VPN connections in seconds.

Kill Switch

One of the reasons why many people use VPNs is to hide their identity from apps tracking their location. When a regular VPN disconnects due to a problem with the network, if the VPN does not reconnect fast enough, your location can be tracked for a few seconds. To avoid this, ProtonVPN includes the Kill Switch option.

The Kill Switch is an option that entirely cuts the connection from your phone to each one of the apps, whenever the VPN is not connected. By using this, if there is a problem with the network, as soon as the network comes back, no app will be able to track you until the VPN reconnects to your preferred location.

VPN Accelerator

The VPN Accelerator is one of the best available features for free and paid users. This feature enhances the performance technology of the VPN connection, allowing you to reach up to 400% of the regular speed used in VPN connections.


NetShield is a unique feature available for paid ProtonVPN users. This feature will block any type of advertisement, trackers, and even malware, allowing you to fully enjoy surfing the web and being entirely safe in the process.

Split Tunneling

While many users need to use a VPN to hide their location and avoid being tracked, this is not the case with all the apps. Some regular usage apps, like some banking apps, will only work when you are in your own country, which is where the Split Tunneling feature comes in.

Split Tunneling is a feature that allows you to pick which of the apps on your phone can be affected by your VPN and which of them not. Apps placed under the Split Tunneling list, will be able to act as normal and locate you, even though you have an activated VPN connection.

Integration with Android’s Quick Settings

ProtonVPN is an easy and fast to use app for Android and iOS devices. One of the best features allowing users to rapidly activate their VPN on their device is full integration with the Quick Settings menu. This means that instead of having to look up the VPN on the app drawer or setting a shortcut for ProtonVPN, you can just pull down the Quick Settings menu and hit the Quick Connect option.

Where can you use ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a multi-platform VPN available for most desktop and mobile devices. Users can download and install this VPN on Mac OS and Windows computers, and even most mobile devices. You can install this VPN on your Android by downloading the app from Google Play or on your iOS smart device by downloading the app from Apple’s App Store.