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Tomb Raider originated as a gaming franchise for consoles, featuring one of the most iconic adventurers ever created. Since the first installment of Tomb Raider in 2001, Lara Croft has grown in the hearts of most players, and it even featured many other multimedia forms like books, movies, comics, and more.

If you are a fan of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise, you will love to know that there is a new release of these games, but this time for mobile devices. Tomb Raider: Reloaded is the name of this game, and in this article, you can learn everything you need to know about it.

What is Tomb Raider: Reloaded?

Tomb Raider: Reloaded is the first installment of the Tomb Raider franchise released for mobiles. The game released in 2022, was developed by Square Enix London and Emerald City Games Canada. Both developers focused on creating one of the best and most entertaining gaming experiences for Tomb Raider fans using iOS or Android devices.

The game features a Lara Croft inspired in the 2013 version from the Tomb Raider reboot. While Crystal Dynamics, the original developer of the franchise, will not be involved in the game, the company stated that they were going to assist the developers to make the experience unique and authentic.

What are the best features of Tomb Raider: Reloaded?

Tomb Raider: Reloaded is a new exciting and thrilling game where lifetime fans of the franchise will be able to enjoy many new adventures alongside Lara Croft. These are some of the best features of the game:

Unique cartoon graphics

This new version of Tomb Raider for mobiles features unique graphics with a cartoon design. This never seen type of graphics for the Tomb Raider games, attempts to give it a visual twist for old gamers of the franchise and even attract some new fans looking into this interesting feature.

Start with the iconic twin-pistols of Lara Croft

As you would expect, the game features the all-time iconic twin-pistols of Lara Croft. While this is the first type of weapon you can use, the game hides many interesting weapons that you can unlock and create.

The soundtrack includes reworked orchestral songs inspired in the original installments

One of the most interesting features for lovers of the franchise is the soundtrack. The Tomb Raider: Reloaded game features a soundtrack that includes orchestral songs that are inspired by the original songs featured in the first installments of the game.

Acquire collectibles throughout the game

Throughout the game, you will be able to discover interesting secrets and even acquire some of the best collectibles. Keep this and enjoy acquiring many interesting unique items.

Find items to create new powerful weapons

During the game, you can find different types of items and unlockables that will provide you with what you need to create different types of guns and weapons for Lara. You can end up using a magical staff, shotguns, and many other interesting weapons.

How can you play Tomb Raider: Reloaded?

Tomb Raider: Reloaded can be played on iOS and Android devices. To play it on your iOS device, download and install the game from the App Store. You can also find the game on Google Play to be downloaded for Android devices.