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Tusk: flexible task and habit manager

Becoming a more disciplined person, achieving goals, being successful, enjoying a balanced life, and living the right way, are not things you can just achieve from dawn to dusk. To make all of this, you need to be a person focusing on being constant, working each day on achieving your goals, little by little.

While this might sound like something hard, tedious, and quite complicated to achieve, this is not the case. There are several ways to organize your life to become a success full person, one of the best ways to achieve this, is big organizing your tasks and generating good habits with an app to do just that.

While there are many options available online, we strongly recommend using Tusk: flexible task and habit manager, or Tusk for short. Tusk is an excellent app to organize your to-do tasks, track your progress, and organize your life in general.

What is Tusk?

Tusk is an organization app to manage your daily tasks, created detailed plans for your routines or goals, acquire good habits, and improve yourself in general. This app includes many interesting features and tools, which will help you achieve your goals, by diving each large task into several smaller ones, allowing you to divide each personal project.

This app is a multi-platform option, allowing you to use the app and organize your life by using your mobile and your computer, syncing your account between devices. Just like you organize your working time, Tusk also allows you to organize your free time, finances, and much more. In general, this app is the perfect partner to fully organize your life, improve it, and help you become a more successful version of yourself.

With Tusk, you can remind yourself about exercising, reading more often, scheduling your medical appointments, paying up the bills, and it even reminds you about enjoying your free time. This app is not your regular “focus on doing tasks” / workaholic app, Tusk is designed to help you find balance, improve your life, allowing you to achieve your goals without burning yourself.

What are the best features of Tusk?

Tusk is a versatile app, with an aesthetic design, an intuitive interface, and many tools to help you achieve your goals and improve your life. These are some of the best features available on this app.

Flexible schedule

Tusk allows you to create flexible schedules for each one of your tasks. This way, you can set your single tasks or recurrent ones, to be set on a certain day or a certain week, without having to specify a strict schedule. You can also set recurring tasks every several days, weeks, or months. By doing this, you can create a more flexible schedule for yourself, without having to forget about your goals.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

One important feature about Tusk is that the interface is intuitive and extremely easy to use, with a very aesthetic design. On top of being friendly and easy to use, Tusk also includes a tutorial that shows you how to use all of the available tools.

Fully customizable

Tuks is a fully customizable app, making it more adaptable to the visual taste of every user. This app includes a series of images and a wide array of colors, which are constantly being updated. By including this, the developers give the users the ability to fully adapt the app to match them and their style.

Pre-made templates

Tusk includes several pre-made templates based on the most regular and popular tasks for everyone. With the usage of these templates, you can create each one of your tasks with templates that are specially designed for each particular task.

Reminders for your tasks

It is important that even though your schedule is going to be quite flexible, you don’t forget about the tasks due several days or weeks later on. With the reminder feature, you will receive notifications for the incoming tasks, so you won’t miss any of your scheduled tasks.

Additional premium features

While all of the aforementioned features are extremely useful and ready to use with the free version of the app, users who look for even more features can access them by paying for the premium version of the app. This means additional synchronization features with Cloud and Google Calendar, more colors for the customization of the app, a lock screen feature, and several other ones.

How can I download & Install Tusk?

Downloading and installing Tusk is extremely easy. You can use this app on your computer (Beta version) or your Android mobile. You can download the app for Android from Google Play, while the Windows version is available on Tusk’s official website.