How to Download You TV Player

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What is You TV Player?

You TV Player is an online streaming mobile app that allows you to watch television channels from all over the world from any of our mobile devices, as well as being a digital content player. As with Smart TVs and the Chromecast device, more and more users are using the Internet to enjoy their favorite channels on their televisions.


You TV Player (which is available for both Android devices and Windows computers, although not for iOS) allows you to enjoy television content from around the world through its streaming service, and gives you the option of connecting your smartphone or your PC to any television that has a screen sharing function.

You TV Player. How does it work?

The operation of You TV Player is very simple. After downloading it from its official website (either for Android or for PC), you can immediately start playing all kinds of content that you have stored on your device. The application supports a large number of video formats, such as .avi, .flv, .mov or .mp4.

As if this were not enough, from the first moment you will be able to add streaming channels to the service, which will allow you to access televisions from all over the world from your mobile or computer. In addition, if you have a Smart TV at home, or with a Chromecast or similar device, you will also have the option to play all these videos on your TV directly.

What channels to watch with You TV Player?

You TV Player comes standard with an extensive list of channels that will allow you to enjoy your favorite shows, series and movies with ease. But, in case you don’t have enough with this, the application also gives you the option to search for other channels, from countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina or Chile.

In addition, to give you maximum functionality, You TV Player incorporates extra features such as the ability to create alarms so you don’t miss your favorite shows, and create a list of quick access channels so you don’t have to waste time looking for those you want to watch.

You TV Player for PC

Although it began as a service mainly for Android, You TV Player is also available today for laptops and desktops. With the official application for Windows (which you can download from the page of its creators), you can also broadcast content to your Smart TV from your PC. If you are passionate about the world of television, you cannot ignore this fantastic application.