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What is Youtube?

YouTube is an application for mobile phones that will give you access to the largest and best-known video portal in the world, there you can have all the content that is uploaded to the platform available daily.

From the application you can watch music videos, documentaries, jokes, news, compilations of all kinds, among others. Even if necessary, you will be able to access the most viral videos quickly or, if you want, you can use the search engine to find the videos on the topic of your interest.

In addition, it has very useful functionalities for your mobile phone, such as multitasking, with which you can view a video while writing a text message or browsing the Internet.

The application is adapted to work on all devices, therefore, you can access it from any terminal and use the application wherever you are, since it is designed to be used on smartphones or smartphones.

YouTube, featured features

On the other hand, it also offers another very useful function for all its users, which is known as background playback, with which you can continue listening to your favorite videos, while you check other applications such as mail or play games on your phone.

Additionally, before watching a video, you will be able to preview it on the main page, without having to see it completely to know if it interests you, an interesting feature, so as not to have to open all the videos that appear in trends or on the main page .

The application has a simple design, in which you can view a home page, where you will see all the videos that interest you or the platform recommends you. Next, a trends tab, where you can view the most viral videos in your region currently.

A subscriptions tab, in which you can see the recently uploaded videos from your favorite channels. Finally, a messages tab and a library tab, where you will find your video history, in case you left one unfinished and want to watch it again.

Get the YouTube APK

This app can be found in the official Android store, in the Play Store, or if you prefer, you can also get the APK, to install it on your device, if you do not have access to the store. The application is free and with it you will enjoy all the content of the platform, without any inconvenience.

The YouTube web on your PC

Its version for PC does not really exist as an application, since its access is done through the web and not through an executable program. All you will need is an Internet connection and from any browser, you can access the PC version of YouTube.